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1 Day Acuvue True Eye

1 Day Acuvue True Eye contact lenses from world-famous supplier Johnson & Johnson. They’ve been specially developed to cater for the rigours of modern living and give you brighter, whiter eyes. They’re what’s known as the “next generation” of contact lenses because they are made from a unique silicone hydrogel material called narafilcon A.

That innovative new material lets 100% of oxygen through the lens to the surface of your eye. And since they’re combined with ultra-smooth Hydraclear technology, you’ll find 1 Day Acuvue True Eye contacts are much more comfortable for much longer – although you should, of course, make sure you adhere to the wearing pattern that was issued by your optician.

1 Day Acuvue True Eye contact lenses are by far and away one of our best-selling types of contact lenses. They’re fresher, clearer and the antidote to living a busy life in a busy city. Ask your optician about 1 Day Acuvue True Eye lenses today and get a copy of your prescription so you can enjoy our low, low prices.

The correct spelling of True Eye, according to the Johnson & Johnson trademark is TruEye. We’ve used a common alternative spelling to help you find your lenses.

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