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Small Beginnings

We understand contact lenses better than anyone else and we know that convenience is at the top of every customer’s wish list. We live in an age where buying online is favourable over a trip to the high street, and why should getting your contact lenses be any different? And that’s exactly why GetLenses was founded in 2002 By Brendan O’Brien.

Most importantly we pride ourselves on being started by opticians, who know the importance of eye care, and the vitality of keeping your eyes healthy. At the forefront of Brendan's mind was that Getlenses needed to offer quality lenses at low cost, delivered straight to your door in no time at all, whilst also minimizing the inconvenience of prescription checking.


Getlenses has grown to be the UK’s largest online retailer of contact lenses, with a team of 35 working at the company. Our customer service and warehouse teams are based in York, and the marketing, IT and finance departments in London.

We stock over 1 million lenses and around 200 products altogether. Shipping around 25,000 orders a month to happy customers all across the UK, in fact 80% of our customers reorder, a sign they’re pleased with our service.

Our Aim

To supply a wide range of contact lenses, solutions and eye care products, at convenience, low cost and with the highest quality of customer service.

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