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From grey to blue eyes with coloured contact lenses

Wednesday, 21 March 2012
From grey to blue eyes with coloured contact lenses
I've been testing out some coloured contact lenses: blue contact lenses to be exact. Ciba Vision makes a range of coloured contact lenses called FreshLook Colors and they make a rather dramatic difference. You'll see the effect on me when I've been for my makeover – can't wait…

I've got grey-ish eyes. Not much colour to them at all really. So having vibrant, deep blue eyes is a pretty big change for me; subtle they are not. What's more, we did a survey recently and it turned out that 48% of people prefer blue eyes.

What's changed?

Here's what surprised me when I wore the blue contact lenses out to meet the girls on Saturday. You wouldn't think just changing the colour of your eyes would be all that noticeable – but it certainly is. Some people can't put their finger on it and say that I look 'different' but they don't know why. "Have you tinted your hair?" "I haven't seen you in that shirt before…" There's something different about you…"

Coloured contact lenses can change your whole appearance

The fun part's to keep them guessing. Anyway, there are also FreshLook Colorblends which are much more subtle and work better with light-coloured eyes. And now we're also selling the world's only daily coloured contact lenses, FreshLook One Day.

You can get powerless coloured contact lenses but it's still advisable to get checked out by your optician first – especially if your don't normally wear contact lenses.

When I got home on Saturday night there was one person who didn't notice any difference – and he knows who he is. But then I wonder whether he'd notice if I shaved my head and painted my face bright purple…

View our range of blue contact lenses.

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