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Control your tablet or smartphone with the blink of an eye

Thursday, 1 November 2012
Control your tablet or smartphone with the blink of an eye
Say goodbye to fingers controlling your smartphone or tablet, in the near future we could be using just our eyes to navigate the screen and open apps.

Danish company, The Eye Tribe are working on the latest in cutting edge technology, so that users can experience a completely hands-free interaction with smartphones and tablets.

If you own the Samsung Galaxy S III you would have experienced the beginnings of a similar technology, with their Smart Stay feature, which stops the screen from dimming when it detects your eyes are looking at it.

The Eye Tribe’s software will be even more advanced, detecting when you might want to turn a page on your eBook by identifying when your eyes are looking at the last word on the page. It will also open apps that you’re looking at and play games.

The software works by using an infrared light which follows the movements of your eyes, the reflected light is then sent back to a camera which instructs the phone. So instead of explaining how to tap or swipe to achieve something on our smartphones we could soon be telling our friends to “look up and blink”.

Eye Tribe intend to share their software with developers, so it could potentially make its way too many different devices. Alstrup Johansen, one of the PHD students working on the software said: “We are releasing software developing kits to developers so they can actually start developing applications. We intend to give it away, it won’t cost anything.”

Currently for the software to work on a device, it needs to be connected to a small infrared camera. However, Mr Johansen is confident that in the future smartphone and tablet hardware will be advanced enough to run the software without needing additional hardware plugged in.

“I am convinced that it will radically change things. It will be a completely hands-free interaction with mobile devices,” said Mr Johansen.

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