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Hard lenses a no no for sports

Thursday, 8 November 2012
Hard lenses a no no for sports
For many people who participate in sports contact lenses are the perfect choice, they offer greater stability, better depth perception and are less likely to get dirty and distort vision like glasses.

Health & Fitness Magazine Editor, Mary Comber agrees that contact lenses are the product of choice for sports, she said: "With ordinary glasses, sweating can create a problem – glasses can slip down your nose – and when doing vigorous exercise such as dancing for example, or inverted yoga poses, they can fall off."

Although certain contact lenses prove better for sport than others according to experts. Recently Dr Catharine Chisholm, president of the British Contact Lens Association spoke out about this, recommending soft hydrogel lenses, especially when it comes to contact sports. She said: “It is not a good idea to wear rigid lenses whilst playing contact sports such as rugby as they may be knocked out or damaged in the eye during a tackle.”

Rigid gas permeable lenses are not as flexible as soft lenses and therefore if you fall over during a game, your eye is at greater risk of being damaged by the harder material in your eye. However, soft contact lens will give you’re the visual acuity you require along with the comfort that they won’t break or damage your eye during play, and they’re less likely to fall out when you’re moving at speed.

By 2050 it is predicted that four million people in the UK will be suffering from sight loss, almost double what it is now. 81% of that vision loss will occur in people aged over 60.

She recommended that if you participate in water sports activities speaking to your optician to determine the right eye wear for your water sport is essential.

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