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Discover the truth about own-brand contact lenses

Wednesday, 22 February 2012
Discover the truth about own-brand contact lenses
ARE YOU BUYING own-brand contact lenses from high-street opticians like Boots Opticians or Vision Express? Do you feel that you have to buy their brand of lenses – just because the optician told you so? Well, here’s the news: you simply don’t have to pay high-street prices and there’s every reason why you should buy your contacts and solutions online instead.

Here’s why.

• It’s invariably cheaper. At GetLenses, we guarantee to beat the price of any high street optician.

• It’s more convenient. We’ll deliver to your door. So now there’s no need for you to trudge to the high-street optician to get your lenses or solutions and carry heavy bottles home yourself.

• They’re exactly the same lenses. From the same factory. Made on the same machines. By the same people. There’s no difference in quality – it is only the box that’s printed differently.

So why do the opticians do this?

Easy. They want to make as much money out of you as possible. They’ve got shops and staff and bills to pay. They’ve got expensive ad campaigns to entice you into their stores. They must make much more of a profit to survive. They do this, principally, by doing two things. They charge more. And they try to confuse you.

With own-brand lenses, it can be difficult for you to find the exact specification of your lenses. Plus, many people think they need to stick to the same brand – and, clearly, by virtue of being own-brand, you can only buy them from one chain of shops.

And, be warned, there’s one more thing that some opticians try to do to keep you locked in to buying from their shop: they make excuses about giving you your prescription. “The printer’s broken.” “We can’t give it to you because of the Data Protection Act.” “That’s confidential information.” No, no, no. If an optician checks your eyes and you need a prescription, it’s your prescription because you’ve paid for it. It belongs to you and you have a legal right to ask for it and get it.

Hopefully, you won’t have any problem getting your prescription. And once you’ve got hold of it, you can send it to us. We’ll check it and then you can order your lenses. They’ll almost certainly be significantly cheaper and, like we said before, we’ll deliver straight to your door.

Find your lenses

If you’re wearing own-brand lenses, just find them on our Opticians Own Brand Conversion Chart and click to order the equivalent. Remember, when we say ‘equivalent’, we mean it: they’re the exact same lenses.

Posted By +Emma Haskell


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