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What a spectacle! Unusual glasses to watch out for in 2013

Monday, 7 January 2013
What a spectacle!  Unusual glasses to watch out for in 2013
2013 could turn out to be quite the spectacle with a large range of glasses in production that aren’t just concerned with visual correction; we could soon be wearing them for a variety of reasons.

Glasses for the hard of hearing

A university in the Netherlands has developed a pair of spectacles that are designed to help you hear clearer. The frames are embedded with a total of 8 microphones, 4 on each arm, which can detect the direction in which the wearer is looking and therefore highlight the most important sounds, reducing background noise. These glasses are designed to be worn like a hearing aid.

Blood enhancing specs

Although this sounds like a product fit for the Twilight franchise, these glasses have been invented to enhance veins and blood flow for doctors when examining patients, and are already in use in America.

The lenses come in three colours: purple, green and pink. The purple lenses illuminate veins, the green highlight blood and the pink helps wearers to spot changes in the skin as a result of emotions.

Enrich your mood

These specs developed by the University of Liege in Belgium use light therapy to help patients reduce feelings of depression and other conditions such as seasonal affective disorder (SAD). The glasses are fitted with small white lights to brighten the viewer’s outlook. They cost around £200 and have demonstrated positive results in clinical trials.

plane Say goodbye to Jet Lag & Sleeplessness

Re-Timer Glasses were created by Australian Professor Leon Lack and his team to beat jet lag and other sleep issues by reprogramming the body clock. Inside the frame are little green lights, which shine onto the eyes, scientists have discovered that green light is an effective way to delay or advance a person’s body clock. Dependent on your flight time and direction the Re-Timer Calculator will determine when you need to wear the glasses to beat your jet lag, they normally have be worn for 50 minute periods.

Combat Vertigo

Vertigo is condition which causes the sensation of dizziness and loss of balance in one’s self or surroundings, and affects thousands of Brits. However, new glasses invented by Israeli researchers could change the future dramatically for sufferers.

Vertigo is caused by our peripheral vision (the area around our central gaze) becoming unfixed, the glasses feature tiny spots on the side of the lenses to help the wearers peripheral vision focus on one point and become less disorientated.

Improve life for the visually impaired

Designed by researches in Oxford with the intention of improving the quality of life for those who are visually impaired these glasses have small cameras that can detect movement around the wearer. The camera then pings this information to the lenses that displays it by making objects closer to the wearer brighter than those further away, so they can avoid walking into to objects and people.

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