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Ordering contact lenses by post could not be simpler or more convenient. Once you've got your contact lens prescription and know what contact lenses you need, there's nothing stopping you.

There are many benefits to buying online and getting your contact lenses posted, they include:


Why waste valuable time to fit in a visit to your optician when you already have everything you need at home. If you know your contact lens prescription ordering online not only saves you a trip to order your lenses but to pick them up too. If you'd prefer you can order over the phone with our friendly customer service team on 01904 595100.



We promise to keep all our products at the lowest price possible, we buy in bulk direct from the manufacturer and make big savings that we love to pass on to our customers. In fact, some of our products are up to 40% cheaper than the high street.


You Can Order Without A Prescription

If you've misplaced your prescription but are confident you know the contact lens you wear and the prescription that fits your eyes, you can choose to order without us verifying it. We process this order through GetLenses BV, our sister site in Europe where prescriptions do not need to be verified. Plus we'll still give you free UK delivery over £50.


Easy Automatic Reorder Service

To ensure you never run out of contact lenses or solutions again, choose our Automatic Reorder Service during checkout. All you do is tell us when you'd like your next order to be placed and we'll send you a reminder ten days before. If you need to change or modify your order at any time you can do so via your account.


Award Winning Customer Service

Our friendly customer service team, are fully trained to understand all the products we supply and will be happy to help with any questions or queries you may have. They are based in York and can be reached on 01904 595100.

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