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What is an online eye test?

Everything you need to know about online eye tests

There is a large selection of free online eye tests available to check your vision. Eye tests online are a good way to do a preliminary assessment of your sight, to establish whether you should seek a full and comprehensive eye test from a professional if you do not have time to book an appointment with the optician.

There are also a wide range of apps available on iPhone and Android platforms that serve the same function.

What do they include?

Online sight checks are similar to official eye tests, and can help determine visual acuity, astigmatism, eye dominance, colour perception and spatial awareness, often using familiar tools such as the Snellen eye chart and the Ishihara colour test. They often involve completing a few tasks and answering questions using these devices, before providing you with a summary of your results and advice on the current condition of your vision.

Snellen eye chart Professional Eye Exam Ishihara colour test

How is my sight?

Ask yourself these questions – if the answer, to any is yes then you should book an eye test with your local optician today.


Do you find it difficult to read road signs in the distance?


Do you suffer with headaches when focusing for a prolonged period of time?


Looking at something 20ft (approximately 6 metres) in the distance, cover one eye then the other, is your sight blurry?


Do your eyes feel tired, sore, itchy, dry, and watery after staring at a computer for an extended length of time?


Are you over 40 and struggling to focus on near objects?

Is it still important to have a professional eye exam?

Even if you've reviewed your sight using an online eye exam, it's still very important to see an optician regardless of your results. There are numerous reasons for this, the most important being that eye tests don't just detect whether you need glasses or contact lenses, they can help to identify over 150 different diseases, some of which don't display obvious symptoms at first, such as diabetes, high-blood pressure, early signs of a stroke and MS.

It's recommended that children under the age of 16 and adults over 70 see their optician for yearly eye tests, whilst all other adults should go at least once every two years.

An exam usually costs between £15 to £20, although some people are entitled to a free NHS eye test.

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