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Eye Drops For Dry Eyes

As technology progresses, contact lenses are becoming more and more comfortable. But for some people, there will always be occasions when they suffer from dry, itchy, irritable eyes. Although it’s frustratingly tempting, rubbing your eyes when you have lenses in is the worst thing you can do. And even if you’re meticulous about your cleaning routine or you follow your prescribed wearing pattern to the letter, it’s still possible to get dry eyes.

Don’t let dry eyes get you down

You simply don’t have to suffer – there’s rapid relief in the form of a wide range of refreshing eye drops and gels. They’re available in drop bottles or convenient single-use vials. And with verything at GetLenses, the eye drops we supply are significantly cheaper when compared to high street opticians and pharmacies.

Always read the label

Different drops and gels have different active ingredients so it’s important that you follow the instructions rigidly. For example, with some drops, you need to wait 15 minutes before you put your lenses in to avoid damaging the lens.

If in doubt, ask

We’re here to help on our FREEPHONE number, 01904 595100. Our customer service advisors can assist you with any of our products and they always have access to a fully qualified and experienced optometrist. If you find your eyes are itchy or even painful for prolonged or repeated periods, it’s essential that you visit your optician to have them checked out. All opticians will see you – even if you benefit from the better prices you get online.

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