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Fashion contact lenses

Coloured contact lenses have become very fashionable recently, along with so-called fashion lenses, perhaps driven by films such as Twilight.

At GetLenses, we believe fashion contact lenses are a bit of fun and glamour, but fundamentally they remain clinical devices and should be treated as such. They still require fitting by qualified eye-care practitioners. Incorrect usage or poor hygiene can be damaging to your eyes.

So let's start with the warnings

  1. Only wear fashion lenses when they have been correctly fitted.
  2. Never share your lenses under any circumstances.
  3. We would recommend that if you do not normally use contact lenses you start with daily colored lenses.
  4. If you feel any discomfort, remove the lenses and contact an eye care professional.

Do I need a prescription?

  1. We would advise anyone who does not already wear contact lenses to get a fitting at an optician. Contact lenses come in different shapes and sizes and you really must make sure the lens fits your eye.
  2. There are a number of same fit products, for example Focus Dailies wearers can wear Freshlook One Day lenses and the Frequency Expression lens fits exactly the same as Frequency 55. If you wear these, there is no need to go for a fitting.
  3. If you already use contact lenses, take advantage of your next after care visit to ask for a trial.

Types of Fashion Contact Lenses

  1. All Fashion contact lenses are available with or without prescription (in other words you can buy non-corrective lenses).
    If you have normal vision, select zero power.
  2. Fashion contact lenses are mainly in the monthly lens format. That means you should remove them after use and store using normal eye hygiene routines and contact lens solutions. There is one daily coloured contact lens, Freshlook One Day.
  3. A fashion lens is normally available as a colour enhancer or a colour changer. Generally speaking, the colour enhancers do not work well for people with darker eye colours. The lenses are very clearly described in the colored contact lens section.

Some contact lenses (Acuvue, for example) come with a handling tint. This is purely to help you see your lens during handling and has no effect on eye colour.

Novelty contact lenses

There are all kinds of novelty contact lenses about, including cat’s eyes, halloween, national flags or almost any kind you like.
We don’t stock them for the following reasons:

  1. None are made by mainstream manufacturers. If we don't know them, we won’t recommend these lenses to our customers
  2. Most do not have what we would expect in terms of product information

Colour Contact Lens Brands

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