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Looking for a 10% GetLenses discount code?

For NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY... Are you crawling the web looking for companies that reckon they can give you a GetLenses discount code? Do you find that once you’ve got one it’s either out of date or quite simply doesn’t work?

Discount voucher? Promotional code? Coupon? Offer? Call it whatever you like but look no further. Here’s a genuine GetLenses discount code, directly from us for you to use at the checkout when you order from us for the first time today.


Now you can order your contact lenses, solutions, eyecare products and accessories all from one place and all with an extra 10% off your first order.

Don’t forget we stock over a million lenses from the world’s most respected brands including Acuvue, TruEye, SofLens, Focus Dailies and Air Optix. Many of these lenses are available as Torics for people affected by astigmatism.

Change your eye colour – without expensive, permanent surgery.

Have you seen our fantastic range of coloured contact lenses? Some of them just alter your eye colour subtly, others can completely change your it – even from deep brown to blue.

Who else do you know who wears contact lenses?

If you have a friend, relative or colleague that wears contact lenses, why not give them this special GetLenses discount code. Not only will they too benefit from an additional 10% off if they’re ordering for the first time from us, you’ll also save them from expensive high-street opticians. Give the discount code to as many people as you like!

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