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No prescription? No problem

To make your life easier, there are three different ways to order your contact lenses through GetLenses.


Order your prescribed contact lenses without us checking your prescription

You can order contact lenses online from GetLenses without a prescription. We will simply process your order through our European site, GetLenses BV, where prescriptions do not need to be verified.

We strongly advise you to only choose this option if you are certain your prescription is correct, and you are ordering the contact lenses prescribed by your optician. You can find your prescription information on the side of your contact lens box.

GetLenses promotes regular eye care. Frequent eye tests can detect not only changes in your vision, but also early signs of disease, such as diabetes. Self-prescribing contact lenses could cause damage to your eyes, and we would always recommend that you speak to your optician if you want to try different contact lenses.



Send us a copy of your prescription

Place your order and then either fax us a copy of your prescription on 01904 595100, or email a scan or photograph of it to enquiries@getlenses.co.uk.

Your prescription must be in date (within the past 12 months) and legible. We would ideally like to have a copy of it within 24 hours, so we can get your order to you as quickly as possible. We'll check your prescription against your order, to ensure all the details are correct.



We can validate your prescription with your optician

Just enter your optician's details online, and we'll do the rest. We'll give them a phone to confirm your prescription is in date, and that what you've ordered is correct. Most opticians are aware of us, so there is usually no problem in obtaining your prescription from them.

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